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You know what the absolute worst thing about social media and politics today? People can say basically anything that has to do with numbers in any capacity, and anyone will believe it. Especially if you can say Americans could get universal health care. I literally could tweet that taxing Elon Musk 6% of his wealth one time would end world hunger, and every smoothbrain on Twitter would retweet it to a million people. Also that kind of happened.

Another thing I remember was when Bloomberg was running for president. Some moron went on CNN and said that the amount of money Bloomberg spend on his election was enough to give every new yorker $1M. The news anchor, maybe Anderson Cooper, just repeated "wow one million dollars can you believe that...". No, no you idiot. That's not how math works. Bloomberg didn't spend $10 trillion on his campaign.

People have zero idea how many people live in the US, no idea how money works if the values you're talking about are greater than 6 figures... ugh.

Thanks public education.