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I think that all of us know deep down that the struggle against authoritarianism is something that won't change for a very long time.

However, sea colonies could be an option that would allow people to achieve freedom right away without going to space.

The government's power ends at 200 miles offshore. Beyond that is considered the high seas. If enough likeminded people work together it would be possible to build a sea colony that would not only provide all of the amenities of modern life, but would also be ran according to the wants of the developers.

Many people start wondering immediately...

How would we eat/drink? Well, a combination of floating greenhouses and fish ponds could provide basically everything needed. Even the fish food can be produced locally. Eventually, meat could be grown in a lab. Large shipments of things that cannot be locally produced could be ordered several times per year. Seawater can be desalinated into drinking water.

How would we make money? The first colonies would work much like mining companies. Some of them may even be mining companies. (metals can be extracted from seawater). The company would provide work, and employees could opt in to receive A housing/food/medical package. (Sort of like living at university but with more options). Companies could extract minerals from seawater (like magnesium) or they could farm fish, split water into hydrogen and oxygen, provide secure hosting/storage services, offer tax proof crypto funds, run a casino, produce concrete (with the biorock process), or even produce energy for the mainland. When people imagine living at sea, they imagine a hand to mouth scenario. But in reality, it could be more comfortable than living on land.

What about amenities like internet, air conditioning, and Amazon two day delivery? Internet can easily be provided at fast speeds by satellite. In fact, by the time a sea colony is built internet may be as fast at sea as it is on land. Regarding other modern amenities, everything in your current house can be powered at sea with solar, temperature differential, or even nuclear power. As for fast delivery, that's tougher. Shipments would come in probably once every couple of months. But if one planned ahead, that would be small tradeoff in exchange for complete freedom.

How would a sea colony be built? An easy way to start a small colony would be to convert an old oil rig into a seastead. The inhabitants of the colony would live in the oil rig, which would be completely remodeled to be comfortable, and the floating greenhouse pods would float in the water around the platform. They would be chained together and to the bottom of the ocean. These pods could also have clear solar panels installed in the glass. To expand the colony, one could use the biorock process to grow concrete. Then new modules could be attached to the oil platform and it could grow indefinitely.

Just figured everyone would like some info on this. It's something that excites me and I think could give inspiration/hope to a lot of people.