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The Senate voted to send 40 billion dollars for the Ukraine to defend itself against Russia. With that money I think we could have easily ended the war without adding to the bloodshed. Here's how.

The Russian Army has 1 million active personal and 2 million in reserves. If you split the 40 billion among all Russian soldiers you get $13,000 (3 years of median salary in Russia) a piece. If you offer that amount and a chance at citizenship in a western country to any Russian soldier who deserts, the Russian Army will very quickly become too small and disorganized to fight a war of attrition in Ukraine. You could weigh the dollar amount by rank and offer larger amounts for bringing information or equipment.

Russia is not a fantastic place to live, many of the Russian soldiers fighting are conscripts who do not want to be there. If there is any serious loyalty to Putin, it is not worth more then their life plus $13,000 and a chance to start over in a freer, wealthier, nation. Obviously not every soldier will or can desert, but definitely enough will to cause distrust and disorganization among the Russian Army so Ukraine can have an easier time defending itself. The max amount of 3 million immigrants could easily be absorbed and assimilated if spread out between NATO countries. We need the labor anyways. The US does not have to send troops and we can end the war quicker, with much less bloodshed and a higher chance of Ukrainian victory.