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I notice that when a lot of issues come up that have clear Libertarian slants to it but that might seem trivial to some statists, many people tell Libertarians that "this isn't the hill to die on" because it seems so minor in the grand scheme of things.

But if you look at how the world works now, no one else follows this nonsense of filtering what hill people die on. As an example, the world is currently on fire because Georgia passed a voting law that, among other things, said you can't give out water to people waiting in line to vote because it would be seen as electioneering. GA resident here. We have a 150 foot exclusion zone around all polling sites that prevent anyone from having any campaign material or even (I believe) clothing endorsing candidates on you. At 151', you can park a bus, you can give out water, you can do wtf-ever. So, no, you can't have statist acolytes with their tribe's logo all over themselves going up to people giving them food and water just like you couldn't go up to them and give them a brochure on how your tribe is totally looking out for you. It's stupid that this has gotten any attention.

But that's totally fine it seems. These minor nothing hills are what statists die on every single day. They dominate the news cycle with their petty complaints. Hell, one of the tribes literally gave us "microaggressions", the idea that people should be shamed and called out on insults that neither the person nor the person/people they were interacting with knew were or considered insults (while also somehow coining the phrase white fragility, the idea that white people are fragile if they don't like blanket being called oppressors, white supremacists, racists, and in general evil). They get attention for literally nothing and are able to push their causes this way.

So, don't be afraid to die on a hill someone else tells you is not worth dying on if you feel it is important. You will almost never find a hill that many gatekeeping types will feel is worth it, and the rest of the world has long gotten over the idea that issues should have responses and discussion proportional to their actual importance in society.